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2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i 70k Auto CVT Gray

Our newest car is a 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i with 70k. Car is Graphite Gray Metallic (F3T) exterior and a black cloth interior with heated seats. The car was hit in the front and the rear so the hood, headlights and front bumper, rear bumper, trunk and tail lights were damaged. There was no damage to the engine from the accident. the car runs and was lot driven, there was no knock or strange noises from the engine or transmission. All oil and fluids from the engine were clean and clear when drained. Once the engine was removed a leakdown test was performed and all cylinders came back with good numbers so the engine will be sold as a complete motor or longblock ready to drop in. The engine will fit 2010-2012 Legacy/Outback models. Transmission and differential fluid was clean and clear when drained. All rims and tires look to be in good condition, wheel set has been sold.

Parts that have been sold—Wheels an tires.

Complete engine–$1500 Long block-$1400 Leakdown test numbers Cylinder #1-10 , #2 -12, #3- 8, #4- 8

Front seats–$175 (can include rear for another $75)

Wheels and tires set–SOLD

CVT automatic transmission–$450

Rear Differential–$150

Drive shaft–$80

Doors- $200 each

Drivers fender–$125

Passenger fender–$90 has dent on lower portion

Parts are pulled and the shell has gone to the scrapper.

Let us know what parts you need.

Most parts should fit 2010-2014 Legacy/ Outback models- Please specify what year and model Subaru you need parts for when you contact us.

72O.879.76O7 text preferred- calls ok

2011 legacy cluster

2011 legacy engine

Some of the parts we have in stock:

Body parts:

– Doors – Hatches – Glass – Sideskirts – Tail lights – Headlights -Trunk lids -Hoods -Hood scoops -Mirrors -Crossmembers -Subframes


– Suspension -Struts -Springs – Alternators -Sway bars -Control arms -Lateral links -Radiators – Power steering pumps – A/C compressors / lines – Intercoolers – Coil packs – Injectors – Exhaust manifolds -Intake manifolds – Pedal boxes – Clutch / Brake master / slave cylinders – Driveshafts – Brakes – CV axles -Steering racks -Fuel pumps -Wheels

Interior parts:

– Seats – Trim panels – Dashboards – Center console parts -Carpet -Shift knobs -Door cards -Door glass

Electrical parts:

– Wiring harness, engine and body – ECU – Airbag modules – Airbags – Gauge clusters – Radios – Window Switches


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