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2010 Subaru Outback 2.5L Black 156k 6speed M/T

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Our newest car is a 2010 Subaru Outback wagon 2.5L with 156K on the odometer. The car has a Crystal black silica (D4S) exterior color, the interior is tan in color and the seats are cloth material. Both front seats are in good condition with no rips or seam separation, Both seats are non heated and both seats have manual adjustments. The engine ran good with no knock or smoke. All oil and coolant was clean and clear when drained. Once removed the engine had a leakdown test done which came back with good numbers on all cylinders. The car came with a 6 speed manual transmission which shifted and drove good with no issues. All transmission and differential fluid was clean and clear when drained. The passenger side doors, drivers side rear door and hatch lid had damage and were torn down for parts. The wheels from this car are OEM Outback 16" steel wheels. All wheels are in good condition no bends or cracks we can see. The tires are 215/70/16 Firestone A/S with 4/32nds left on the tread.

Complete Engine--$1200

6 speed manual transmission--$1700 Rear differential can be added for $100

Front seats--SOLD

Wheel Set--SOLD


Front bumper--SOLD



Drivers side front door--$250

Rear bumper--$75 has a couple scuffs/scratches

Quarter panel taillights--$60 each

Hatch Taillights--$45 each

Everything from the car that wasn't damaged is available. Parts have been removed and the shell has been scrapped.

Most parts should fit 2010-2014 Outback and Legacy models - Please specify what year and model Subaru you need parts for when you contact us.

(720) 879-7607 call or text

Give us a text/call with what you need!

Just SOME of the parts available (we will be getting more of these '10+ Legacy/Outback models in):

Body parts:

-- Doors

-- Hatches

-- Glass

-- Sideskirts

-- Tail lights

-- Headlights


-- Suspension components

-- Alternators

-- Power steering pumps

-- A/C compressors / lines

-- Intercoolers

-- Coil packs

-- Injectors

-- Exhaust manifolds

-- Pedal boxes

-- Clutch / Brake master / slave cylinders

-- Driveshafts

-- Brakes

-- CV joints

Interior parts:

-- Seats

-- Trim panels

-- Dashboards

-- Center console parts

Electrical parts:

-- Wiring harness, engine and body

-- ECU

-- Airbag modules

-- Airbags

-- Gauge clusters

-- Radios

-- Switches


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