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2005 Subaru Forester XT 2.5L Gold 187k Automatic

Our newest car is a 2005 Subaru Forester XT 2.5L with 187K on the odometer. The car has a Champagne gold opal (39J) exterior color. The interior is black in color and the seats are leather material. Both front seats had damage and were torn down for parts. The engine had damage to the timing belt so it will be torn down for parts. The car came with an automatic 4 speed transmission which is in good condition with no issues that we can see. All transmission and differential fluid was clean and clear when drained. The vehicle had damage to the front and rear ends. It also had hail damage so the doors and rear hatch were torn don for parts.The Hood and fenders have dings but are in good condition otherwise. The wheels from this car are OEM 16" alloy wheels that are silver and have a 10 spoke design. The tires are worn out and will need to be replaced.

Automatic transmission--$350

Rear differential--$100


Headlights--$60 each


Hood with hood scoop--$100 has some hail dings

Fog lights--$25 each

Taillights $40 each

Wheel Set--$175

Everything from the car that wasn't damaged is available. Parts have been removed and the shell has been scrapped.

Most parts should fit 2003-2008 Forester models - Please specify what year and model Subaru you need parts for when you contact us.

(720) 879-7607 call or text

Give us a text/call with what you need!

Just SOME of the parts available:

Body parts:

-- Doors

-- Hatches

-- Glass

-- Sideskirts

-- Tail lights

-- Headlights


-- Suspension components

-- Alternators

-- Power steering pumps

-- A/C compressors / lines

-- Intercoolers

-- Coil packs

-- Injectors

-- Exhaust manifolds

-- Pedal boxes

-- Clutch / Brake master / slave cylinders

-- Driveshafts

-- Brakes

-- CV joints

Interior parts:

-- Seats

-- Trim panels

-- Dashboards

-- Center console parts

Electrical parts:

-- Wiring harness, engine and body

-- ECU

-- Airbag modules

-- Airbags

-- Gauge clusters

-- Radios

-- Switches


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